Our events create an experience of authenticity for first, second and third generation latinos with the use of artistic elements and music influence. We explore independent music from all over the Midwest and discover new talent from across the country. We are proud to champion the use of multimedia to reach new audiences, and effectively promote each and every element of our events.



Chicago's premier latin dance party brings the flavor of authentic street festivals and the music of urban Latin america to one place. Featured on the Chicago Tribune.

Spotlights Latino musicians and artists and draws packed crowds from across the city and neighboring suburbs.
— Chicago Tribune


LatIndie encompasses the soulful, experimental and the gritty sounds of Chicago's biggest Alternative and Indie Rock. Each month LatIndie features one international and cross country musician and supports the growing wave of Chicago's Indie and Alternative scene. While a fairly new event series, crowds pack each venue to witness and see our latest selection of featured music.

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